Roulette is the exciting game of chance with the rolling ball and the number cauldron. In the online casino or at the gaming table, many players try to multiply their stakes with a system. Can you win more with one strategy at roulette?

How does roulette actually work?

Roulette is a traditional game of chance in which players at a table bet on single numbers or combinations of numbers. You place your bet on the green play carpet according to certain rules, whereby several fields can be marked with a chip by covering lines or crossings. The drawing of the number begins when the croupier lets a ball roll into the number wheel while it is spinning. The ball bounces over individual fields in which there are usually 36 numbers on a red or black background and a zero on a green background. When the wheel comes to a standstill, it remains in one of the fields and shows which number wins.

Roulette tips for beginners

Whether at the classic gaming table or playing online roulette – beginners are always well advised to find out exactly what the rules of the game are before using real money . Important roulette tips also include the following advice:

  • Define and adhere to the limit for wagers
  • only use money the loss of which can be tolerated
  • only play with your head clear (avoid alcohol and other drugs when playing)
  • Using support offers to prevent gambling addiction, you should realize that you can no longer stop
  • If possible, try free demo versions of online roulette to get a feel for the game

Roulette can be a lot of fun if you prepare well for the game and view it as a fun pastime.

Online roulette at

The online casino offers you an abundance of different roulette variants. For example, try out European, French, American or steampunk roulette. Clever variants or games in live connection ensure a lot of excitement and variety.

Can you always win with a roulette strategy?

Many gamblers try to outsmart chance when gambling. There are numerous models for a roulette strategy that take into account the probability of certain combinations of numbers occurring.

The best known of these systems is the Martingale strategy. The stake is doubled after each loss. After a win, you take the money off the table and re-bet with the original amount. This roulette strategy sounds simple and easy to remember. But you need ever higher stakes for a longer losing phase, which can be limited by a limit at the table or by the money available to you.

The Paroli strategy is another simple system. With this method, you bet on one of the fields with a one-to-one chance. You add winnings to your basic stake until you want to “reap” the sum. If you lose it, start over with the basic stake. This strategy can produce solid profits with a relatively small stake. However, it is very much a matter of chance whether you get the right time to exit a series.

The parlay strategy is particularly suitable for beginners, because it allows a combination of disciplined playing behavior and varied betting patterns. Before starting, you set a basic stake and a realistic profit target. You are completely free to choose where you want to bet – you can bet on a simple chance, a single number or any other winning pattern as you wish. If you win, put your original stake back in the next round and the winnings from previous games. As soon as you have reached your profit target, cash in the winnings and start the next game again with the basic stake.

Other well-known roulette strategies are, for example, the Labouchère system, the dozen grid, systems with Fibonacci numbers or the Red system.