How do I hit the jackpot? What are my chances of winning? Which slots pay best? Every casino visitor asks himself these questions. We don’t have all the answers, but we have 7 tips for your next visit to the online casino.

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There is no strategy for the slots in the online casino, the win is random, the generator in the background, which is strictly regulated, takes care of that. Nevertheless, there is some important information when you play on the virtual machines in the online casino.

Tip 1: take advantage of welcome bonuses

The online casino jackpots doubles the first deposit. Register today and top up your player account and your stake (up to CHF 500) will be doubled.

Tip 2: fun vs. profit

When you play an online slot, there is always a minimum bet and an upper limit. If you play with little stakes, your winnings are correspondingly smaller than if you play with high stakes.

If you increase the stake, there are suddenly more zeros behind in your account when you win, but the stake is correspondingly gone much faster than if you play with small amounts.

Tip 3: The magic word volatility

Slots always give you the opportunity to win over several so-called reels or reels and several lines. The popular game “The Fortune Pig”, for example, offers 25 lines on five reels.

If you now play 1 centimes per line, that’s 25 centimes per game. However, you only play with a stake of 1 centime per line. The chance of winning is higher per game, but the profit itself is smaller. If you would play the 25 cents on just one line or choose a game that has fewer lines, the chance of winning is smaller, but the value of the winnings is higher in percentage terms.

Tip 4: bet on simple slots at the beginning

If you are in an online casino for the first time , you bet on the simple slots without many additional functions, the option of line selection, etc. This is an easy way to familiarize yourself with the games. The popular games Lucky Wizard, Pirates Plenty: The Sunken Treasure or Thor’s Lightning are very suitable.

Tip 5: keep an eye out for bonus offers

Online casinos are of course happy to have returning visitors. There are always bonus offers with which you can top up your player account for free or take part in special events.

Tip 6: Free spins are gold pits

Free spins, free spins, bonus rounds or free spins. Regardless of their name, these are the “prizes” that every player is happy about. In most cases you can win big in these extra rounds.

Tip 7: self-discipline

Gambling also includes responsibility. And if you have a big profit in your account, then you’d better stop before the money is wasted again. If things go the other way and you have already gambled away more than you wanted to spend, then it is high time to slow down.