Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a casino game based on poker. The player can only make one raise per hand. Ultimate Texas Hold’em is only played against the dealer, and the earlier it takes place, the higher the raise can be.

The histor

Roger Snow is considered to be the developer of Ultimate Texas Hold’em. This new variant of the game of poker has quickly established itself in US casinos and is widely used. This variant of poker is currently one of the most popular niche games in Las Vegas casinos. Ultimate Texas Hold’em was originally only available on electronic multiplayer devices. However, in the wake of the steadily increasing popularity and continued demand, the game was taken up and expanded by the casinos. This made Ultimate Texas Hold’em a table game. In the meantime it has firmly established itself in the online casino.

The rules

It is not difficult to understand Ultimate Texas Hold’em rules if you are already familiar with regular Texas Hold’em or have experience with online poker. However, we would like to point out some important differences. First of all, one should be familiar with betting. The ante and the blind, as known from other online Texas Hold’em games, are the main bets. These two bets must be equal and placed at the same time. However, things get a lot more interesting with trips, the second bet. The trips are optional and you can win them regardless of blind and ante. To do this, you have to hit three of a kind or something higher than the three of a kind.

Course of the gam

  1. First, the dealer distributes two cards to each player, as is known from other poker variants. To do this, five community cards are placed face down in the middle of the table. Little by little the cards are revealed. The aim of the players is to choose five cards from their own hand and the community cards. The selection of these cards must result in the best possible hand. As a player, you can only increase your stakes once in Ultimate Texas Hold’em. The size of the bet also depends on the round in which you are playing. During the first round the cards remain face down, which means that bets are associated with increased risks. After the first round, as soon as each player has received two cards, the play bet can be placed. However, the play bet must not exceed four times that amountbe des antees. Of course, you can also check at this point.
  2. In the next round, three out of five community cards are revealed. If there was no increase in the previous round, this can now be made up for. The increase may not exceed twice the ante. At this point, too, you can check, i.e. you can dispense with setting.
  3. In the last round, the dealer turns over the last two face-down community cards. If you haven’t raised in the previous two rounds, now is the time to do it. However, you have to increase exactly by the amount of the ante. At the end of the game, the dealer must reveal his cards. The dealer’s hand is compared to the players’ hands.

It is also one of the rules of Ultimate Texas Hold’em that the dealer must have at least one pair in order to qualify. If the dealer cannot find a pair, the bet will end as a tie. However, if the dealer qualifies with a pair, the ante and play bets will pay out 1: 1. How the blind and the trips are paid out cannot be answered in general. The payout terms and ratios will be noted on the poker table and will depend on the hand won.

Strategy for beginners: 1st round

In the first round you can increase the amount to three or four times the amount at Ultimate Texas Holding. It is up to the player to take risks whether he increases three or four times. The following cards should be raised in the first round:

  • With every ace
  • Any king and 5 or higher
  • For every queen and 8 or higher
  • With Jack and 10 or higher
  • King and 2 or higher if both cards are of the same suit
  • Queen and 7 or higher if both cards are of the same suit
  • Jack and 8 or higher if both cards are of the same color

Strategy for beginners: 2nd round

If there was no increase in the first round, this can be made up in the second round. In this round, the amount is increased by twice the amount. With these hands it makes sense to increase:

  • With two couples or better
  • For every pair from 3-3, as long as it is not on the board.
  • With four cards of the same color

Strategy for beginners 3rd round

If the stake has not yet been increased, it must be done in this round. Otherwise you have to give up. Because this round only costs one ante, it is always worth raising in the round